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  1. DAMOCRACY The Movie

    A documentary, Damocracy, focuses on the cultural and natural heritage the world stands to lose as the foundations of two controversial large-scale dams are being laid despite widespread opposition and resistance – the...
  2. Journey of Loyalty to Burdur Lake

    On 16 March 2013 Doga Dernegi organized the second Journey of Loyalty to Burdur Lake with the support of Atlas Magazine in order to draw attention to the drying-up of the lake and...

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Debunking the myth of dams as ‘clean’ energy

The International Rivers Conference brings together representatives of the DAMOCRACY movement from around the world with the aim of debunking the myth of dams as ‘clean’ energy. Scientists, environmental experts and civil society representatives share their experiences on the struggle to protect free-flowing rivers from large-scale dams and their impact on culture, nature and people. Read more >>

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